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shenzhen goldman intelligent technology co., ltd. is born in order to comply with the Chinese from manufacturing power to create powerful upgrade of the trend of the times. The entire team from the "three" seven eight nine different years, with industry experience and common dreams of young team formed. Companies keep up with the times, to develop high-end intelligent CNC equipment and industrial robots as the core, in order to help SMEs to improve production efficiency, reduce operating costs as their mission.
At present, the company has four major brands, "Jin" intelligent plate cutting equipment series, "Kim Sung" intelligent carving machine series, "golden" intelligent laser equipment series, Jinzhi industrial robot series. Products covering clothing, bags, handbags, shoes, advertising, printing, automotive, home, electronic equipment, lighting, high-speed rail and other industries. Cutting materials include: car seat, car Ottomans, composite toys, byelaya paper, gray board paper, kraft paper, cardboard boxes, color box, PVC, soft glass, organic glass, acrylic, PMMA, abspp engineering plastics, pet, EVA, double-sided adhesive, KT board, flexible printed circuit board (FPC), leather, PU leather, cloth, fiber board, high density board, wood, aluminum, iron, tin, and so on.
Based on the principle of "empathy, empathy, we as far as possible choose the most economical and reasonable equipment solutions to customers, really help customers achieve rapid sampling and small batch production, truly allows customers to save time, save money, save worry. Since its inception, with strong technical strength, customized equipment, nanny style customer service has won praise from customers in different regions of different industries, the company has laid a solid foundation for long-term stable development.
"Stone can be engraved, man can conquer nature", we always believe that as long as adhere to the "responsibility, integrity, Thanksgiving and win-win" business philosophy, down-to-earth hard work, we will be able to let Jin science and technology in the development of future forever innovation constantly, blockbuster!

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